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Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part I

Finally, the anticipated posting of Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part I!

This segment is only 7579 words, but never fear, Part II of the chapter, which ~6000 words itself, shouldn't be long in coming (just one scene to re-write). As you probably guessed, I decided to split this chapter into two parts mostly due to length, though I was reluctant to do so at first because I wanted everything in this chapter to go together and not be separated by an Interlude. Therefore, a two-parter. *grins*

The difficulty with this chapter was dealing with a lot of emotions that are hard to translate into words. There aren't as many "issues" in Part I, but I'm sure you'll be able to understand my desire to take the time to get it right after reading both parts of the chapter.

Well, enough talk. I hope you enjoy it, that I stayed true to characterizations, and that it is a satisfactory continuation of that cliff-hanger. ♥ Now to chug along with Part II...
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