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So I was reading some reviews earlier--and they made me want to cry. Y'all are so supportive and enthusiastic and I basically feel awful for being such an inconsistent updater.

At least I have a somewhat-valid excuse this time, right? Basically my computer has been dead, and though I can access the computers on campus, I cannot access the writing files locked on my personal harddrive. Therefore I cannot make any progress on the almost-finished chapter until my computer is back up and running.

BUT GOOD NEWS! My computer should hopefully be fixed by the end of the weekend, which means the chapter should be up soon afterward!

And I will post up a snippet of the chapter as soon as I have access to the files. Promise. ♥

(On the personal front--I just submitted my first application to Vet School! I should find out whether or not I get an interview in November, so wish me luck!

...Though maybe y'all don't want me to get into vet school... it means less time to free write. *grins*)
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