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Okay, so after being distracted by more computer issues and upcoming exams, this is where I am with the chapter...

It's finished, at the point where I've printed it out for editing. I've finished one edit-through, now my next step is to re-read the last few Lily-centric chapters of the story to make sure that this chapter fits fluidly with the rest (necessary since my moods tend to change how I write, and the time-lapse between writing chapters doesn't help consistency, heh). I'll input final changes into the document and then let the chapter sit for one night to make sure I'm satisfied with it. Then it'll be up. :)

Have an important exam on Wednesday, so my goal is to finalize and update on Thursday or Friday. Sound good?

(Sorry, at this point, my grades have got to come before everything else... I'm at that critical point where any Cs will set me back from getting into Vet school by at least a year, and my classes aren't exactly easy. I still love y'all, though!)

Here's a bribe so you don't hate me forever. :p

Wordlessly, he turned back to me, his eyes soft. I merely stood there as he traced light kisses over my eyelids, on the lobe of an ear, down to the hollow of my throat, before finally reaching my lips. Goosebumps lifted on my arms at each gentle touch, but I still felt out of body, as though I was too numb for my body to respond with the appropriate fire. But James didn’t seem to mind; gathering me in his arms, hugging me to his chest while still pressing kisses into my hair, he seemed more concerned with comforting and protecting me than seducing me.
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