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Interlude VIII

Howdy everyone!

Sorry it's been so long. I won NaNo, writing 51,000 words in thirty days and basically finishing the first half of the first draft of my first novel (*grins*), but it left me feeling a little burned out on writing for a while.

No worries, though! I'm back to trying to get My Deliverance finished--it will be, one day! I'd say we're a little over halfway done with the story, since, as suggested in the prologue, it ends as Lily's stint at Hogwarts ends. So. On with the story!

Interlude VIII is finished and posted, which clears the way for my to begin writing chapter nine. :)

Enjoy! And thank you all for sticking with me and the story.

(And, for those of you who are curious, I did get an interview for vet school, and it went well. I'll find out in about a month whether or not I was accepted. *is nervous-excited*)
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