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Notes in a Bottle [entries|friends|calendar]
My Deliverance

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Update! Chapter 10 [27 Jul 2013|11:15am]
I promised that I would finish this story one day, no matter how long it takes. Working on doing just that!

You might have seen that about a month ago I posted Interlude 10 out of the blue! Well, now I'm about 6500 words into Chapter 10, with two scenes left to write. (My clinical rotations over the last month kept me crazy busy, but the rotation I'm starting on Monday should leave me with more writing time.) Hoping to make great progress with the remaining scenes this weekend and potentially have the next chapter out within the week.

Here's a preview, although it is subject to change.

And thank you everyone for your continuing enthusiasm for the story. It's really very motivating and I couldn't do it without you. *hugs*

A lighthearted momentCollapse )

Off to work!
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I'm not dead, I swear! [11 Oct 2009|08:47pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Chapter Nine: Bonded is up!

I'm so sorry for the delay, but I hope the chapter (9249 words) makes up for it! I hope I haven't miffed anyone too badly. Things have been a bit crazy lately--there's been the constant school work, vet school applications... and I'm getting married soonish so there's been a wedding to plan! ♥

I'm hoping to have the Interlude up before November and the start of NaNoWriMo! If you're participating, feel free to friend me!

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Record-setting [28 May 2009|11:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I've finished the first draft of Chapter Nine! Woo, four days isn't bad, too bad I can't do this all the time. *grins*

As of now, it's 8,493 words. It definitely still needs to be edited and smoothed over, though, so that number will probably change. I'm proud of this chapter, especially the various character interactions. So. :)

I'm hoping to finish editing it tomorrow and Saturday, and get it posted on Sunday.

Until then, here's a really un-edited clip. I know you probably want Lily/James, but I don't want to ruin it, so here's some Sirius instead *grins*:

BreakfastCollapse )

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Never fear... [25 May 2009|03:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Um... I'm working on Chapter Nine, yay! And I've outlined the next few chapters! Just thought I'd share. Let's see how quickly I can finish this...

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Interlude VIII [09 Feb 2009|11:06pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Howdy everyone!

Sorry it's been so long. I won NaNo, writing 51,000 words in thirty days and basically finishing the first half of the first draft of my first novel (*grins*), but it left me feeling a little burned out on writing for a while.

No worries, though! I'm back to trying to get My Deliverance finished--it will be, one day! I'd say we're a little over halfway done with the story, since, as suggested in the prologue, it ends as Lily's stint at Hogwarts ends. So. On with the story!

Interlude VIII is finished and posted, which clears the way for my to begin writing chapter nine. :)

Enjoy! And thank you all for sticking with me and the story.

(And, for those of you who are curious, I did get an interview for vet school, and it went well. I'll find out in about a month whether or not I was accepted. *is nervous-excited*)

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Sacrifice, Part II [21 Oct 2008|12:01am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I'm a few days late (my boyfriend distracted me this weekend), but Sacrifice, Part II has finally been posted! Yay! *grins* I think after you read it you'll understand why it took me so long to grapple with this chapter... there are a few elements in it that are difficult for me to express clearly, but I've done my best. :)

It's something like just under 7,000 words long, so it's almost as long as Part I. This is why I split it into two parts. :p Go enjoy! Now I can sleep guilt-free.

(Of course, I'll probably wake up tomorrow and find random errors in the chapter that my tired brain isn't catching tonight, but oh well.)

On another note, I've decided to try National Novel Writing Month for the first time this year. I don't know if I'll be able to complete 50,000 words in thirty days due to exams and whatnot, but I'll give it my best shot. If anything, it'll finally get me working on the original novel that's been bouncing around in my head for years.

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Incoming [13 Oct 2008|05:34pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Okay, so after being distracted by more computer issues and upcoming exams, this is where I am with the chapter...

It's finished, at the point where I've printed it out for editing. I've finished one edit-through, now my next step is to re-read the last few Lily-centric chapters of the story to make sure that this chapter fits fluidly with the rest (necessary since my moods tend to change how I write, and the time-lapse between writing chapters doesn't help consistency, heh). I'll input final changes into the document and then let the chapter sit for one night to make sure I'm satisfied with it. Then it'll be up. :)

Have an important exam on Wednesday, so my goal is to finalize and update on Thursday or Friday. Sound good?

(Sorry, at this point, my grades have got to come before everything else... I'm at that critical point where any Cs will set me back from getting into Vet school by at least a year, and my classes aren't exactly easy. I still love y'all, though!)

Here's a bribe so you don't hate me forever. :p

Wordlessly, he turned back to me, his eyes soft. I merely stood there as he traced light kisses over my eyelids, on the lobe of an ear, down to the hollow of my throat, before finally reaching my lips. Goosebumps lifted on my arms at each gentle touch, but I still felt out of body, as though I was too numb for my body to respond with the appropriate fire. But James didn’t seem to mind; gathering me in his arms, hugging me to his chest while still pressing kisses into my hair, he seemed more concerned with comforting and protecting me than seducing me.

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Yay! [29 Sep 2008|11:42am]
[ mood | happy ]

Okay, so I'm supposed to be studying for tonight's Biochem exam but my computer is just now up and running and I promised a snippet ASAP. So here it is!

“Tell me,” gasped Snape as though every word taxed his self control. Thin wisps of steam from his mouth betrayed his agitated panting. “Tell me where Potter is and no one will harm you, I swear.” We were standing so closely that I could see tiny beads of sweat popping out on his furrowed forehead, could smell his nervousness.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood at his words. “Are you threatening me?”

“No, I never…” he trailed off, his gaze harsh but imploring. Slowly, he released my arm, and just as I let out a relieved breath, I noticed him begin to reach for the wand stuck in the waistband of his trousers. “Please, Lily…”

“Could you do it?” Feeling sick to my stomach, I stared him full in the face, wondering if he could bring himself to torture me for the information he thought I could give. His

Hope to make some good progress on the rest of the chapter during the week. :)

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[24 Sep 2008|06:41pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

So I was reading some reviews earlier--and they made me want to cry. Y'all are so supportive and enthusiastic and I basically feel awful for being such an inconsistent updater.

At least I have a somewhat-valid excuse this time, right? Basically my computer has been dead, and though I can access the computers on campus, I cannot access the writing files locked on my personal harddrive. Therefore I cannot make any progress on the almost-finished chapter until my computer is back up and running.

BUT GOOD NEWS! My computer should hopefully be fixed by the end of the weekend, which means the chapter should be up soon afterward!

And I will post up a snippet of the chapter as soon as I have access to the files. Promise. ♥

(On the personal front--I just submitted my first application to Vet School! I should find out whether or not I get an interview in November, so wish me luck!

...Though maybe y'all don't want me to get into vet school... it means less time to free write. *grins*)

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Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part I [11 Jul 2008|02:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Finally, the anticipated posting of Chapter Eight: Sacrifice, Part I!

This segment is only 7579 words, but never fear, Part II of the chapter, which ~6000 words itself, shouldn't be long in coming (just one scene to re-write). As you probably guessed, I decided to split this chapter into two parts mostly due to length, though I was reluctant to do so at first because I wanted everything in this chapter to go together and not be separated by an Interlude. Therefore, a two-parter. *grins*

The difficulty with this chapter was dealing with a lot of emotions that are hard to translate into words. There aren't as many "issues" in Part I, but I'm sure you'll be able to understand my desire to take the time to get it right after reading both parts of the chapter.

Well, enough talk. I hope you enjoy it, that I stayed true to characterizations, and that it is a satisfactory continuation of that cliff-hanger. ♥ Now to chug along with Part II...

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Prequel [12 Jun 2008|12:29pm]
[ mood | determined ]

So, have y'all all read the 800-word prequel that JKR wrote? If you haven't go, read, enjoy!

Chapter Eight update: have been working on it quite a bit, and I'm almost through writing. One scene left, and then I need to edit. It's quite long, a little longer than the last chapter, but I can't bring myself to break it into two chapters. Sitting on something like 11,200 words at the moment. :/

Ah well, I hope you'll enjoy it despite the length. ♥

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Update [25 May 2008|11:07pm]
[ mood | working ]


I swear, I have been working on the latest chapter. *grins* I couldn't work on it at all until the beginning of this month, but ever since the spring semester ended I've been making progress. So hopefully it won't be too much longer! My boyfriend is even out of the state (and out of contact, aside from letters) for the next ten weeks, so, lonely as that is for me, it's good for y'all because it means I have one less large distraction from writing. ♥

I'd have to estimate that the chapter is about halfway done right now, on target to be another longish one. As of five minutes ago it was 4,480 words so it's getting there.

And, because I left off with a horrible cliffy last time, here's clip of the [very unedited] upcoming chapter...

- - -

I nodded, trying to take shallow breaths to reduce the sting in my lungs. Black dots began forming in the periphery of my vision. “I feel like I’m going to pass out,” I said quietly, determined not to do so.

“I know,” he replied simply as we reached the first stair. “Here, sit for a moment.”

He helped settle me down against the railing, and I covered my face with my wand-free hand, embarrassed and dizzy. Slowly, the fuzz in my head began to clear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…”

“Well, now you know.” Mr. Potter summoned the dropped butterbeer bottle from the floor and handed it to me. As if he bought an extra because he knew I was going to need it, I thought wonderingly. Wordlessly, I fumbled with the cap, managing to open it and take a few sips. For once I barely tasted the thick, warm flavor of the drink, but I did feel myself strengthening slightly from its influence. “Can you walk, or do I need to levitate you?”

I rolled my eyes at the familiar half-serious, half-joking tone. Definitely a Potter trait, that, I thought dryly as I tilted back my head to finish the bottle.

“I can walk,” I finally said, gritting my teeth and steeling myself for the action. Looking up into Mr. Potter’s blue eyes—his face so resembling his son’s that the difference in the color of his gaze was startling—I nodded that I was ready. His bony grip tightened on my arm as he practically pulled me to my feet and we slowly, carefully, descended the stairs.

- - -

It's funny: I wrote this scene, and then the very next day got very sick and exhibited many of the same symptoms that Lily suffered. (That's the second time I've written something for this story and then had it immediately happen. Remember the very thick fog in chapter three? Yep, happened the very next morning after I posted the chapter, and I had to drive two-hundred miles through it.) Heh. Anyway...

I know I say this every time, but thank you so much for sticking with me even though my posts are horribly sporadic. My academic career is at a somewhat critical moment (my application to a Professional school is due this October) so your patience with me is appreciated. Trust me, I'd much rather be working on this story than cracking into some of those books, but it must be done.

I'll try to be better about keeping you updated in the future. :)

*goes off to continue working on the chapter*

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Interlude [11 Mar 2008|08:04pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Howdy everyone!

Shock of shock, but Interlude VII is now posted! This interlude ties in rather importantly with the end of chapter seven and the beginning of chapter eight, so I hope you enjoy.

A brief note regarding the sites where I post:

On the sites that do not require validation (UnknowableRoom.org, fanfiction.net, and Portkey.org), all my stories should be up to date. However, I am still awaiting validation of Chapter Seven in the archives of HarryPotterFanFiction.com and Mugglenet.com. So if you think you're missing something or are wondering why you haven't yet seen Chapter Seven posted, that's probably why. Feel free to check out the other sites (especially UR.org!) under the penname "twinsuns" to get caught up.

(... Actually, I think my penname is twinsuns4178 at ff.net, but everywhere else should be my standard penname--right now I'm too tired to keep it all straight!)

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Chapter 7 [27 Jan 2008|11:11pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I did it! I actually adhered to a deadline--Chapter Seven of My Deliverance, Polarize, is now completed!

[I had the Atonement soundtrack (composed by Dario Marianelli) on repeat for half of this chapter, and a few specifically inspiring tracks were The Half Killed and Two Figures By A Fountain. But if I had to sum up my representation of Lily and James' relationship in one, wordless song, it would have to be Romance, by Apocalyptica.

Dunno if you should listen to the tracks while reading the chapter, but it's up to you.]

Nine scenes. Nineteen pages of 9-font Veranda. 11,552 words. I hope you enjoy. ♥

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Timeline [21 Jan 2008|12:21pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Funny what listening to the Deathly Hallows audiobook makes you think of...

You know what kind of bothers me? That in the photos of Lily and James in the movies, they look so old. I mean, they were both twenty when they died--so young. My age practically, and by that point they were already married, had a baby, and had defied Voldemort three times. Same with Alice and Frank--they were tortured just after Lily and James died, because Voldemort had vanished. They all had joined the Order; Remus had fallen into suspicion by his friends because he was a werewolf; Peter had gone over to the Death Eaters at least by the time he was nineteen; Regulus had already died to switch the locket (when he was seventeen-ish by canon and his brother was, in my story's timeline, eighteen-ish); Sirius was put into Azkaban before the age of twenty-one.

Pretty intense. Very sad.

My story will end when Lily and James are eighteen and just graduating; perhaps one day I'll write a story filling in the remaining two years of their lives... Hum. Sorry, this is the sort of stuff I think about when I write their story, because it's so... tragic and moving, I suppose. The sacrifice, the passion, the danger... well, you can relate to how I feel about it.

Yes, so, I have been writing often lately--chapter seven is growing by leaps and bounds. If I ever stop editing and adding to it, perhaps can have it posted within the week, or by the end of next weekend? That's the goal.

I'll post stats when I post the chapter. For now (because I have to hurry to work), here is a brief, random snatch:

“I don’t know if I’m cut out to be an Auror,” I said honestly as the door swung open and we walked into a catacomb of cubicles and overflowing desks. There was no empty space on the walls of the large office aside from where sunlight shone brightly through the magical windows, and even the ceiling had items posted on it: newspaper clips were everywhere, as well as pin-up snapshots of various Wanted witches and wizards, family photos, and large maps of Great Britain with pins pushed in to mark important locations. I trailed my hand interestedly along a map as I leaned in to read it, taking interest in points marked as DE sighted, attack zone 113, and probable target. “I’m more for spell work than Defense.”

“And who said that spell work has nothing to do with being an Auror?” demanded a harsh voice from behind me, making me jump and spin around guiltily as though I had been caught red-handed committing a crime. The face that stared into me unnerved me further: the elderly man had flyaway, graying hair, piercing brown eyes, and more twisting scars and missing bits of face than I had ever seen contained on one visage.


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Interlude VI [16 Dec 2007|07:38pm]
[ mood | content ]

Interlude VI is now up! *grins*

Took me long enough, right?

*bustles off to go work on what really matters: Chapter 7*

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Is this thing on? [17 Oct 2007|09:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Okay, wow, it's been far too long since I've posted here. I just wanted to poke my head in and let you know that yes, I'm still alive. And no, I would never abandon My Deliverance.

...the writing is just not progressing as quickly as I'd like. :/

I'm sure you all understand the time that school and work and athletic practices take from writing, and it's a tough balance when my focus should be in these areas and not in fanfiction. It's sad, but true.

That said, next week I have no exams, and I hope to be able to spare some time to post the next Interlude. And then I'll be unbarred and able to dedicate my writing time to the next chapter. It should be a good one. *grins*

So, thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate every comment here as well as every review--I simply haven't had time to respond to them yet. Y'all are the primary reason that I continue to work on this story, and I just want you all to know how much you motivate and sustain my writing.

Until next time! ♥

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Intrigue [26 Jun 2007|06:32pm]
[ mood | full ]

Good news! Chapter Six of My Deliverance, Intrigue is now up! I had a good time writing this one; I enjoyed all the character interactions, but honestly the hardest part is just shaping up Lily and James' growing relationship... vague, right? Well, I'm all written out. *grins*

Chapter stats:

It is a bit longer than I originally thought it'd be: 8,934 words and nine scenes. 15 pages in Word, with size 9 Veranda... but you don't care about that, do you? Go check it out!

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Progress Report [23 May 2007|01:23pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Just a little progress report to let y'all know how things are going.

I sat down yesterday a wrote a good 1,000 words, so now the chapter has reached 4,925 words... and counting. I don't think this chapter will break any records for length--I'm estimating a finished word count of around 7,000--but there will be plenty of James/Lily interaction. Which is always good. *grins*

I'm not going to promise a certain completion date, because let's face it: I probably wouldn't finish in time anyway. I had a job interview today, and if all went well, I should start working full time (forty hours a week) next week. That severely limits my writing time, obviously... but I think I can manage. I'm really enthusiastic about this chapter at the moment, and eager to work on it.

That said... it's back to work!

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This summer is for Harry Potter [13 May 2007|05:03pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Yes, I am perfectly aware that I'm one of the most... annoyingly disappointing people on the planet. And that it's May, and I promised to update My Deliverance in March. God, I suck so much, and feel horrible about it. You have no idea how much the guilt built up as my deadline slipped farther and farther away, but in the face of Fencing Nationals and finals, I had to set writing aside.

But now it's summer. And as I realized yesterday while watching the infamous We Didn't Start the Fandom video--it makes me smile and want to cry at the same time--summer is the time for fanfiction, at least for me. During the school year, my rare fanfiction time is first devoted to admining for the UnknowableRoom (which I love doing, don't get me wrong), so often I am not left with much time to make progress on my personal stories.

But yes, summer is here. Time for brainstorming while at work, dwelling on it so that by the time I get home, I can write it down. I'm looking forward to making a good deal of progress on My Deliverance this summer, and I hope you'll stick with me. I have been working on this story for nearly two years, and there's no way I'm giving up on it before it's finished.

- - -

As he did so the wind picked up, buffeting us for a moment in a whirl of dried skittering leaves. Roughly twining itself through his hair and running along his body, it flattened his robes, contouring them against his chest and legs in a way that seemed almost intimate. I watched, oddly captivated, as James was forced back a step before he steadied himself.

I wish I was the wind.

The thought came from nowhere, and with it came a small smile. Knowing vaguely in the back of my mind that I was going insane, I forced my eyes—and thoughts—away from James. More to distract myself than anything else, I set to work.

- - -

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