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Progress Report

Just a little progress report to let y'all know how things are going.

I sat down yesterday a wrote a good 1,000 words, so now the chapter has reached 4,925 words... and counting. I don't think this chapter will break any records for length--I'm estimating a finished word count of around 7,000--but there will be plenty of James/Lily interaction. Which is always good. *grins*

I'm not going to promise a certain completion date, because let's face it: I probably wouldn't finish in time anyway. I had a job interview today, and if all went well, I should start working full time (forty hours a week) next week. That severely limits my writing time, obviously... but I think I can manage. I'm really enthusiastic about this chapter at the moment, and eager to work on it.

That said... it's back to work!
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