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I swear, I have been working on the latest chapter. *grins* I couldn't work on it at all until the beginning of this month, but ever since the spring semester ended I've been making progress. So hopefully it won't be too much longer! My boyfriend is even out of the state (and out of contact, aside from letters) for the next ten weeks, so, lonely as that is for me, it's good for y'all because it means I have one less large distraction from writing. ♥

I'd have to estimate that the chapter is about halfway done right now, on target to be another longish one. As of five minutes ago it was 4,480 words so it's getting there.

And, because I left off with a horrible cliffy last time, here's clip of the [very unedited] upcoming chapter...

- - -

I nodded, trying to take shallow breaths to reduce the sting in my lungs. Black dots began forming in the periphery of my vision. “I feel like I’m going to pass out,” I said quietly, determined not to do so.

“I know,” he replied simply as we reached the first stair. “Here, sit for a moment.”

He helped settle me down against the railing, and I covered my face with my wand-free hand, embarrassed and dizzy. Slowly, the fuzz in my head began to clear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…”

“Well, now you know.” Mr. Potter summoned the dropped butterbeer bottle from the floor and handed it to me. As if he bought an extra because he knew I was going to need it, I thought wonderingly. Wordlessly, I fumbled with the cap, managing to open it and take a few sips. For once I barely tasted the thick, warm flavor of the drink, but I did feel myself strengthening slightly from its influence. “Can you walk, or do I need to levitate you?”

I rolled my eyes at the familiar half-serious, half-joking tone. Definitely a Potter trait, that, I thought dryly as I tilted back my head to finish the bottle.

“I can walk,” I finally said, gritting my teeth and steeling myself for the action. Looking up into Mr. Potter’s blue eyes—his face so resembling his son’s that the difference in the color of his gaze was startling—I nodded that I was ready. His bony grip tightened on my arm as he practically pulled me to my feet and we slowly, carefully, descended the stairs.

- - -

It's funny: I wrote this scene, and then the very next day got very sick and exhibited many of the same symptoms that Lily suffered. (That's the second time I've written something for this story and then had it immediately happen. Remember the very thick fog in chapter three? Yep, happened the very next morning after I posted the chapter, and I had to drive two-hundred miles through it.) Heh. Anyway...

I know I say this every time, but thank you so much for sticking with me even though my posts are horribly sporadic. My academic career is at a somewhat critical moment (my application to a Professional school is due this October) so your patience with me is appreciated. Trust me, I'd much rather be working on this story than cracking into some of those books, but it must be done.

I'll try to be better about keeping you updated in the future. :)

*goes off to continue working on the chapter*
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